Bible StoryBoards Can Help You Do Something Most People Can’t Do

The overwhelming majority of people can’t tell someone the story of the Bible from beginning to end. I know. For years I was a member of their group. Even after graduating from a reputable Christian college where I took the required Old and New Testament Survey classes. My classes taught me a lot of Bible stories, and we discussed a lot of theological issues, but as far as enabling me to grasp the storyline of the Bible as a whole, that didn’t happen.

A couple years after graduating from college, I went to seminary to study and prepare myself for full-time vocational ministry. Once again I was required to take Old and New Testament survey classes. What I learned was extremely helpful, but even then if anyone had asked me to talk them through the Bible, I would have referred them to someone else. Probably Dr. Al Stringfellow – an older pastor from the church I grew up in.

do you know the storyline of the Bible?
Do you know the storyline of the Bible?

Today, after teaching the Bible in various places all around the world for the past forty years, I now know my former inability to tell someone the simple storyline of the Bible wasn’t unusual. It’s the same for most people. Even for those who have spent a lot of time studying and even teaching the Bible. Many people know something about the familiar stories of the Bible such as: Noah’s Ark; Daniel in the Lion’s Den; David & Goliath; the birth of Jesus. And many can teach great theological lessons about truths that are found in the Bible. But very few can tell the simple, bottom line story of the Bible. They…

  • Don’t know the storyline of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
  • Can’t share the storyline with others from beginning to end
  • Have no idea how the books of the Bible fit together into one story
  • Are confused when they read the Bible because they don’t understand the big picture
  • Are not as ready as they could be to share the Gospel with unbelievers
  • Have a limited view of who God is and what it means to walk with Him

Along the way, the story of the Bible came together for me as I intentionally searched for the simple storyline of God and man that is told throughout the entire Bible. And when I saw it, I started reading the Bible with greater understanding and passion than ever before. I felt at home in the Bible. I was no longer lost. I even began to read the prophetical books, after I pulled apart the pages that were stuck together. And I finally understood and appreciated the value and meaning of the letters that make up most of the New Testament.

Now more than ever I long to help others who are like I was – trying to dig deep into bits and pieces of the Bible without really seeing the simple overall storyline of the Bible. That’s why Bible StoryBoards was created. We want to make it possible for you to understand and share the greatest love story ever told. And when you understand that story, it will change how you read the Bible, how you study the Bible, and how you live your life, forever.

by David Gudgel