Bible StoryBoards and Vacation Pictures have A lot in Common

Whenever we go on a vacation we take pictures. A lot of pictures. And in this techie world we live in, it’s common to share our vacation photos with the world through our social media connections.

It’s been said that every picture tells a story. I agree. Here’s one my niece Sarah just posted. She and a couple of friends are skiing at this very minute in Breckenridge, Colorado. It looks like they are having a lot of fun. The wires above them tell me they are on a ski lift. And the description Sarah posted tells me it’s really cold. I’m sure if Sarah was telling the story, she would fill in other details as well, like the condition of the snow; how many runs they had made up to this point in time; why they were on a mountain skiing in Colorado instead of back in Georgia at work.

This Picture Tells a Story
This Picture Tells a Story

Bible StoryBoards is composed of 15 pictures that together tell the story of the Bible from beginning to end. With these 15 simple StoryBoards, anyone can learn and share the story of the Bible with others. Like when we share pictures from a vacation, each picture reminds us of something important or memorable.

Pictures increase the likelihood that we will remember something, even if you haven’t looked at those pictures in months or years. That’s because:

  • 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual. Hyerle
  • Approximately 65% of us are visual learners. Mind Tools
  • Visual aids increase learning in the classroom by up to 400%. 3M Corporation
  • The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. 3M Corporation

The fact is the majority of the world’s population learns best through pictures and stories. I’m a visual and oral learner. I hate reading instructions. I’d prefer picture instructions or having someone else read the instructions and tell me what to do.

Bible StoryBoards helps me not only know the Bible, but also share it with others by using these 15 simple pictures. I love that. With this simple tool, I’m prepared to share the story of the Bible with anyone, anywhere – even on vacation.

by Dave Gudgel