What’s The Bible All About?

Though the Bible is the best selling book of all time, most people couldn’t explain what it’s all about. They may know some of the stories from the Bible, but they really don’t understand how it all fits together or the simple storyline of the Bible.

As we start off this new year, we’re very excited about a project that our family has been working on for the past year and a half. It’s a new tool to help people understand and share the bottom line message of what the Bible is all about. And it’s finally ready to launch!

It’s called Bible StoryBoards. It’s a very simple way to share the story of God’s amazing love for us that is found in the Bible, by using 15 simple pictures. With these pictures you can quickly and easily walk someone through the entire Bible and help them understand how God has relentlessly pursued a relationship with man since the beginning of the world as we know it, even though we have made it very hard for Him!

The purpose of Bible StoryBoards is two-fold:

  1. We want to help people understand the bottom line story of the Bible. There are explanations with each picture so anyone anywhere who can get a copy of the book or app, or can simply get to the BibleStoryBoards website, can come to understand the amazing story of God’s love and grace that is told in the Bible.
  2. And we also want to provide these 15 pictures so Christians can use them (through the app, or website, or by drawing them on a napkin or piece of paper!) to share the gospel with anyone they meet who needs to know about God’s love for them.

The book is available for purchase through Amazon as a hard copy or Kindle version. It can also be ordered from Barnes & Nobel and other booksellers. (See it here) The IOS app will be available within the next week or so (Android coming soon!) and it will be available for free until January 31.

We would really appreciate your prayers as we launch BibleStoryBoards out into the world and the cyberworld…

  • that God will use Bible StoryBoards to help spread the gospel around the world
  • that believers will use it to witness to their friends
  • that unbelievers will simply find it online and come to see the truth of God’s love for them.

Happy 2015!

By Bernice Gudgel