Are You Intentionally Giving God Everything You Are, Every Day?

Walking with God day-by-day is not an easy task. There are so many things that demand our attention and our time. It’s very easy to simply go about our business with occasional thoughts directed toward God. We may even set aside a little time to read Scripture or a devotional and to pray. But even the Pharisees did that.

Our walk with God is meant to be more than just another thing that we add into our busy lives. God doesn’t want our relationship with Him to simply be another item on our “To Do” list that we can check off once we get it done each day. He wants it to be so much more, and yet so much simpler, than that.

open arms to God

When I saw this picture, my first thought was “That’s what I want my relationship with God to be like!” I want to simply stand before Him at the beginning of each day saying…

Here I am God
With all my strengths and all my weaknesses
Take my life today and use it
Help me do the things that are most important to You
Let me demonstrate your love to everyone I see
Please have Your Spirit fill in all the gaps in me
Let my life… today… be about You