Three Truths that Impact Every Corner of a Christian’s Life

If you are a person who truly believes…

  • There really is a God out there somewhere
  • The Bible is the true story of His relentless pursuit of a relationship with mankind
  • The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus made it possible for us to walk with God, in spite of our sin

…then there are three truths that should influence every part of your life.

Do You Really Believe God is Real?
Do You Really Believe God is Real?

God is in Control

God is all-powerful and He is in control of everything that touches your life. Now that doesn’t mean He causes everything that happens in your life. But it does mean that nothing that happens in your life is out of His control. He can change any of it, at any time.

God Loves You

God loves you more than you will ever understand. He created you so He could have a relationship with you. He wants what is best for you. He loves you.

God Offers Grace & Mercy

God knows exactly who you are. He knows all the things that no one else knows about you. And He offers grace and mercy whenever you turn to Him for forgiveness.

Those three truths about God should influence how we feel about… everything. Whatever we may face, we can find peace and courage as we remind ourselves that God is in control, He loves us, and He is full of grace and mercy.

By Bernice Gudgel

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