So Much To Do, So Little Time

Are you in that wonderful exhausting phase of life when it seems like you’re spending all of your time changing diapers and tying shoelaces and practicing spelling words and making pb&j sandwiches shaped like dinosaurs & cute little hearts? When Dave & I were there we heard a song that helped us see past the crazy and reminded us of what was really important. It was written by Paul & Teri Reisser and it’s called “Take the Time.” If necessary, lock yourself in the bathroom for a couple minutes so you can read it.

So Much To

It’s 9:15 and bedtime took too long once again.
Another kiss, another glass of water, and then
the questions come, the hands hold tight, the eyes are open wide,
and something in me whispers, “Now’s the time.”

“Mommy, why did Muffy die?”
“Daddy, where’s the sun?”
“Are there cats in heaven?”
And, “Why did Jesus come?”
And though a whole day’s dishes wait, and the bills are piled high,
something in me whispers, “Take the time.” 

Riding off to Narnia upon a lion’s back,
Chubby fingers close the book and add it to the stack.
“Aslan didn’t kill the witch – Oh dad, why did he die?”
And something in me whispers, “Now’s the time.”

The baseball game’s tomorrow, but so is my interview.
How can I play Scrabble when the income tax is due?
Little faces plead with me to put my work aside,
And something in me whispers, “Take the time.”

Take the time while their minds are open wide.
Take the time while they’re right here by your side.
Teach them now to love the Lord with all their heart and mind.
They’re only home a season – take the time.

by Bernice Gudgel