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Just One More Thing: Before You Leave Home

A Bible-based guide to help teens transition out of the house and into the rest of their life.

“A must read – or must gift – for high school students.”

“I’m so glad my parents gave me this book!”

“Wisdom I need but didn’t want to ask about.”


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Unfailing love. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Someone to love us unconditionally. To never leave us. To always be there for us no matter what comes along.

A Marriage & Family Covenant
A family is a group of imperfect people who God brings together in a loving, grace-filled relationship that is unique from all the rest of the world.

Three Ways to Help Your Kids Succeed as Independent Adults
If our primary goal as Christian parents is simply to help our children grow up to be independent, we will have missed something really important.

Living Intentionally
It’s so easy for all of us to go through our days on auto-pilot without even realizing we’re doing it. Life gets so busy that we just do the next thing that comes along that we have to get done. And then the next. And the next.

Beyond Good Intentions
Unfortunately, when it comes to the Land of Good Intentions, a lot of us can easily move in and stick around way too long.

Living in a Stressed Out World
I love all the techie things that are now so much a part of our day-to-day lives … But I’ve also come to realize that all that technology has exponentially increased the stress that can so easily overwhelm us as we try to keep up with all this new information that is so readily available.

eMail Bag: Our communication is not like it used to be…

A Dad, A Son, and a Kharmann Ghia
For years I’ve heard the saying, “Rules without a relationship lead to rebellion.” Just thinking about that freaked me out when I was raising my kids. I’m naturally a rules person. I can do rules, no problem…

Where Did the Years Go?
The day your oldest child comes home from high school and starts talking about colleges they want to visit, it finally hits you. Those old people were right! The years went by so fast. Too fast

4 Words Parents Say A Lot
THERE ARE FOUR WORDS that I probably heard my parents say a million times when I was growing up. And strangely, they were four words that usually didn’t really mean what they should have meant. I’m guessing you’ve probably heard these words before. Just. One. More. Thing.