Teen Analyzer – How Prepared is Your Child to Succeed after Leaving Home?


Below is a research-based assessment to help you gauge how prepared your child actually is to succeed in the world when they leave home.

This is provided for free by Dr. David Gudgel, author of Before You Leave Home.


Answer each question below about your child that will be leaving home soon. The whole questionnaire shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Be sure not to omit any questions. The results will be kept private so you can be as honest as you’d like. We hope this quiz helps you see what you’ve already accomplished and the areas where your child could still use some help before they leave home. There are no right or wrong answers!

1.Choices: Do they know how to make decisions on their own?
2.Advice: Do they go to the right people for advice?
3.Convictions: Do they have a good worldview on which to base their convictions?
4.Relational Intelligence: Have you talked to them about what it’s like living with a roommate?
5.Authenticity: Are they prepared to deal with the “elephant in the room” when there are problems with others?
6.Love: They have a healthy view of love and generally understand what to look for in a potential spouse?
7.Money: Do they have a healthy and realistic perspective on money?
8.Debt: Do they know the difference between good debt and bad debt?
9.Spending: Do they know how to use a budget?
10.Purpose: Are they living for a good purpose? Have they thought about it?
11.Priorities: Do they typically do the most important things first?
12.Plans: Do they know how to make a plan and follow a plan?
13.Career: Have they thought through career paths and goals?
14.Experience: Are they prepared to adapt to life’s curveballs?
15.Guidance: Do they go to God first for guidance?
16.Drinking: Have you talked to them about partying?
17.Entertainment: Do they have boundaries for the “entertainment” they watch?
18.Gambling: Do they understand the dangers of gambling?
19.Dating: Do they have boundaries for “hooking up”?
20.Abstinence: Have they made commitments to God and themselves about sex?
21.Pornography: Do they understand how porn can be like fire?
22.Fear: Are they prepared to cope when bad stuff happens?
23.Failure: When they fail do they know how to move forward anyway?
24.Grief: Do they know how to honestly express grief and ask why, while ultimately trusting God’s plan?
25.Home Stuff: Do they know the basics of how to care for their own room/apartment?
26.The Car: Do they know how to get basic maintenance done on a car?
27.Spiritual Commitments: Do they understand what it means to walk with God and depend on Him?
28.Church: Are they planning on finding a local church or group of believers that they can live life with?
29.Impact: Do they believe they can make an eternal difference?