"Before You Leave Home"

Are your children ready for the world?

A book to prepare your kids for a great life on their own.

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We’re David & Bernice Gudgel. Life has thrown a lot of big decisions at us. Maybe you can relate. Along the way – through good & bad experiences, the wisdom of others, and lots of prayer – we’ve learned lessons that we wish we would have known before. Now, we hope to help you make the best big decisions in life.

Bernice has a degree in Psychology and has focused much of her adult life on raising three kids (who turned out great!) and leading ministries in the church. Dave is a pastor who has a degree in Sociology, an M Div, and a D Min. He’s counseled over a thousand clients and hosted a weekday radio program.

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Hope When You Need it Most

Where Death and Hope Meet During the Holidays

If you recently went through the death of a loved one, the holidays can be a very painful time. So many things that you used to greet with joy and laughter can now become an overload of reminders that there is someone missing. One woman said “I wish I could go to sleep the day before Thanksgiving and wake up January 2.” It’s not easy to deal with the grief and sorrow and loss that come when someone we love dies. Even Jesus wept after the death of his friend, Lazarus. We Need Hope Over the past two years, both

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A Thanksgiving Feast

Giving Thanks in the Midst of a Fallen World

With all the crazy that’s going on in this country right now, I’m especially thankful for Thanksgiving this year. To have a day set aside to simply focus on all the people and things in our lives that we are thankful for is awesome, and much needed. As I was doing my Thanksgiving Dinner grocery shopping yesterday, I was overcome with gratitude for the simple fact that I have the ability to walk through a store and buy whatever food I might need … or even just want. For most people in the world, that is not their reality. I

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Others Need Your Prayers

Three Prayers We Should Be Praying for Those We Love

Almost 2,000 years ago Paul traveled around telling people the amazing story of what God had just done for them through Jesus. As people listened and believed, a community of Christ-followers was born in the cities he visited. Though he longed to be with these people he had grown to love, Paul was not able to stay in any of these cities for very long due to God leading Him to other cities and to his times in prison. But while he was away from them, he continued to pray for them. In his first letter to the “church” in

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Family Selfie

A Simple Checklist for Moms & Dads

There are a number of passages in the Bible that help us understand what it means to be a good parent to our children. I Thessalonians gives us four things worth considering as we evaluate how we’re doing as moms and dads.

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Child in Cameroon Coloring Bible StoryBoards

You Gotta Love It When a Dream Becomes a Reality

Two years ago I got an idea that I thought was good. It came to me while hanging out in a Northern California coffee shop. At the time I thought the concept was God-given. But you never know with me. It could have been just another dream in a long stream of dreams that have hit me over the years. But this idea seemed different. Like it could really work. Maybe it could even help people all around the world. Whenever I get an idea that I think is good – and I usually think they’re all really good – the

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The Bible Was Written for You

A Simple, Practical Way to Read and Study the Bible

I believe God gave us the information that is in the Bible for two main reasons: So we can know the truth about who He is – and who we are – by understanding the history of God & man & this world. So we can know what it means to walk with Him and follow His ways. That’s what the Bible is all about. And though we can learn a lot from Bible scholars, God never intended for us to have to go to seminary before we could understand what the Bible is saying to us. It’s written for

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